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‘Traveller, the path is made of your footprints, that is all; traveller, there is no path, you only create a path by walking’ Antonio Machado
Different sessions are possible, let yourself be guided by your intuition, and what resonates the most at the moment in your lived experience.

–    Native Theme, Transits and Progressions. The classics of astrology about the potential of birth, the challenges and present resources.

–    Your solar sign and its mythology of ‘the quest of the Hero’ ‘the quest of the Heroine’. This study allows a discovery of our inner potential; where our light resides; who our allies are in this quest and what potential challenges we could encounter.

–    Your cycle of life alongside the lunar months: a 28-day cycle during which we will cover different phases which correspond to the 12 archetypal energies of the Zodiac signs. This study will help us to understand in depth what the deep Self needs, and what experience it suggests we have in order to grow in awareness.

–    The healer’s potential through Chiron. The planet/asteroid Chiron discovered in 1977 is often described as the archetype of the ‘wounded healer’ and is associated to the emergence of alternative therapies. Its study helps us to deeply understand our initial wound or pain, which is also where our treasure lies; of our interior resources which enable us to heal ourselves and others.

–    The Shadow in the Map of the Sky: Acceptance and Integration. Here we mean ‘shadow’ in the same way as Jung: ‘There is no light without shadow and no mental wholeness without imperfection. To bloom, life needs not perfection but fulfilment. Without imperfection, there is neither progress nor ascent.’ The study of the sky map can give us precious tools to accept our shadow with courage, humility and compassion, and this in a process of integration and acceptance of the entire self.

-1h, 1h30 or 2h sessions
-3-session package
-Interactive session
-Can send the Mp3 recording of the reading of the chosen theme or session
-Skype, MSN, or landline phone sessions
-Session on Mayan soil (Antigua, Guatemala) or France (summer months)

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala