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Full Moon in Pisces sends us into the axes of Virgo – Pisces…

The Sun in the sign of Virgo puts limits to us, our physical and psychic boundaries by inviting us to observe in a meticulous way our manner our functioning and of organising our daily life. it defines our individuality, our feeling of being unique.
Some say that it ‘routine-izes’ us…
The Moon in Pisces that opposes it talks of our necessity for rituals, to ritualise our daily life.. So that the discipline of Virgo can be converted into offerings to the world, to this cosmic ocean from which we sometimes experience nostalgia…
For this Moon in Pisces wants us to come out of ourselves, from these limits that do us a disservice and stop us from moving forward in our quest… It wishes to dissolve the boundaries of our Me to melt us into an differentiated belonging, it brings up compassion and empathy in us….
Let us harmonize with subtlety these two poles so that we do not forget ourselves in the Other, in the search for a lost paradise…so that we do not stagnate in a melancholic sadness that stops us from living a daily life rich in rituals, in small enlightened acts.
The period of this Full Moon invites us to dare! Yes, dare to look inside of ourselves, to test our deep resistances. the eve of this Full Moon is marked by a conjunction with Saturn, Venus, North Knot in the sign of Scorpio, and this brings to the surface some deep questions: What holds us back from loving, loving ourselves, loving the Other in his or her authenticity, loving those parts of us in the other that disturb us, make us more obscure?
Dare with sincerity to observe ourselves without judgement, just to know ourselves a little better, grow in humility and quality of being: In the name of this love, do we manipulate ourselves sometimes? Do we lie to ourselves? Do we enter relations of force and domination?
The sign of Scorpio is a link with Power, but not just in its negative aspect, the Scorpio is this force of life that lifts us from our lowest points, that lets us be reborn from our ashes, to transform us, to let go of our fears to open ourselves to the unknown..
A Full Moon to take conscience, put into the light what we can do, can be offered to the Earth in a symbolic manner during the equinox from the 22nd of September when the night and day are have exactly the same length.
This autumnal equinox for the Northern Hemisphere allows us to accept to enter a bit into the winter obscurity to put our light in in….light of the heart.

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala