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Full Moon in Taurus 3:15 PST / 7:15 PMT

This full moon will put light maybe even more than others in our depths.

The lunar months follow one after the other and we  are called again and again to go further in this descent to become alchemists transforming our lead into gold.

Sun, Mercury , Saturn and the North Node is in Scorpio , we are asked for deep cleansing , purification of our mental wanderings of our emotional attachments .

Look  at the intimacy in our relationship : What are we giving, offering or sharing or at the contrary what are we hiding, preserving or conserving?  Each of these words emits a different tone , on which we vibrate ?

For the Moon and the South Node in Taurus , Scorpio polarity tell us about our relationship with the material , density, our bodies, objects that we need ..Behind this matter that we are and that is around us,  What ‘s hiding? what’s he hiding ? Can we also  detect ( in this matter) a vibration?

The Taurus – Scorpio axis speaks of the inhabited area , inhabited by a force, an energy , a presence … At a deeper level if we look at the glyph of Taurus : the horns are a cut , a receptacle , antennas capable of receiving and transmitting a quality of presence that comes from somewhere else, from within ? Mystery of Scorpio !


A quality of love we meet , Venus , regent of Taurus : the receptive quality of yin, the female .. Venus which is conjunct Pluto in square to Uranus in this Full Moon asks us to go in the exploration of the sacred feminine, think about these myths of Medusa, Medea, Lilith … These goddesses, women who had at one point became ugly , stripped of their sacred connection to the Earth, cut off from their attribute as a divine receptacle information …

They seem to have been in shadows and since recent years, they are emerging again into the surface

Ceres , the archetype of the Great Mother Goddess is also engaged with the square Pluto – Uranus in Libra asking us for a balance between male / female , Earth / Sky .

A Full Moon to go to meet this sacred land , bringing nourishment  and life to us … maybe just receiving the beauty of the full moon looming in the sky and its reflection on Earth .

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala