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New Moon In Sagittarus 2 december 4:22pm PST 12:22am GMT

Home made translation

We were raised in our depths, some even were hit the bottom, put in front of ourselves, as stripped of our protective shell….. : Initiation of scorpion…

This New Moon in Sagittarius is a deep exhalation, it opens the possibility of breathing out …. This new air can lift , aligns us with our quest …

Sagittarius beyond the traditional meaning of travel , extensive studies , is also a sign that tends towards the sky , the archer with an arrow that goes to the stars in search of meaning , trying to decipher the messages of the stars, to see how it reflects his destiny …

Those past months have shown us that for flying we have to descend and even sometimes sink… In fact, Do we really sink ? Do we really lose ourselves ? Separation , Grief , Burn Out, depression are calling from within in order to raise us…..

Sagittarius reminds us that life is transcendence, intuition, experience, that our system of beliefs, values must give us the faith and confidence that we are on the way, and that there are possible, even more that maybe we have wings … .

However, even if this New Moon frees us , she asked us not forget our emotional body , Sagittarius sees , believes, has faith, gives meaning , relates to concepts mentally love, happiness, wisdom…

Nevertheless, Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is retrograde in the sign of Cancer, inviting us to renter in our inner land, live, feel, deploy our emotional body…. especially feel : Are we feeling or reasoning on our emotional body ? Are we living the Love or having an ideal about Love? This inner peace is really down in our being or she resides at the top of our head ?

Chiron squares this New Moon, it may bring out this deep wound to feel separated from the Source, to long for an ideal, a cosmic ocean of peace and light … Chiron , the glyph of Sagittarius evokes the mythology of the centaur . A winged centaur animal that dominates his animal part to rise through the sky ……..

It also brings us to these dualities we ………… Beautiful soaring ………..

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala