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This is the full electric moon that magnetises, that gives us the possibility to really connect ourselves to, and even experience, the Cosmos. Connecting to the Cosmos.. Feeling that our lives have a meaning and because of this, re-seeing things, questioning our belief system: Does it work for us? Does it make things more difficult for us? Does it allow us to have faith, not only a religious or superstitious faith, but a faith that comes from the deep understanding that everything has a meaning, that each detail of our daily life is a note in the symphony of the Cosmos…

Incidentally, Uranus becomes direct again after 5 months of devolution. Uranus speaks to us of Prometheus, and invites us to find this sacred fire, this sacred knowledge near the Gods to lighten up humanity… It speaks to us of making ourselves singular, to accept our individuality as part of the Whole, we are all unique but interconnected, in some ways interdependent to others…. It can invite us to change or be changed by exterior events… This inner or outer revolution is nothing but a call to be more and more what we really are.

A change under the Great Cross (astrological aspect) that is drawn in the sky…it invites us to go to the four extremities of this cross…to look at what is happening: in the sign of the Ram our relationship to ourselves, and in opposition to others (Balance), int he sign of Cancer our roots, our family, the hearth or blood of our soul and in opposition our actions in the world, in the social and professional sphere, in our outer life (Capricorn)…
How do these areas interconnect? How do they work with each other: incompatible, opposed, in friction, harmonized? How do we find this harmony? By going back to the centre of the Cross.
A change…symbolic and real, the end of the year is coming, the 21st of December marks a solstice, followed by the retro-gradation of Venus. The elders described this astronomical cycle of Venus through the hymn of Inanna…when Inanna was going down to the underworld, she had to go through 7 symbolic doors by letting go of what she didn’t need…this corresponded to the devolution of Venus. This occurs in the sign of Capricorn…this tells us something…
Change can be subtle, first internal, by revising our internal structure, by observing our values that our sometimes subconscious and that condition our actions..Maybe also in Capricorn, this touches the essence of our values: What is really important, towards what and who do we aim our love?
Once again behind the magnetism of this Full Moon which finds itself in alignment with the galactic centre of the Milky Way (situated at 27 degrees from Sagittarius), there is the possibility of experiencing these subtle vibrations that will be present…..Explore, be guided by your intuition, make one with the experience which speaks to us in depth about Sagittarius… The moon of this full moon in Gemini tells us also that we can look for information to understand, accumulate… To then harmonize…the learning of Gemini and the synthesis of Sagittarius….

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala