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New Moon In Capricorn 1 january 2014 3:14am PST / 11:14am GMT

New Moon in Capricorn…. This moon is called a “Super Moon” because it is close to the earth, and also because it opens the New Year. The symbolism is strong, and very powerful …  The Earth Energy of Capricorn is the third earth sign and therefore, affects the collective dimension; the social structure….. It also tells us about our position facing the world, and within it.

This starts the year, like putting new seeds in the ground…. because even if Capricorn speaks of peak (its glyph, or sign, is a goat that climbs the mountain); The aspects of this New Moon (the strength of the great Cardinal Cross and the conjunction with Pluto) bring us to our inner selves, to our roots … which is the work: plowing, sowing and weeding?

Remember that our action, our construction in this matter, was first started by a seed… a seed which germinated… and grows with love, patience, dedication, responsibility, and common effort.

In this New Year, this New Moon of strong changes compels us and questions us. What are these seeds we need to plant? Do we take the time to cultivate our garden, or is our attention just oriented to the visible result… toward concrete action? Dare we look at our inner garden, its architecture? Or, do we shun this aspect of the process because we might be afraid to see our weeds? When we really look deeply, we can use our weeds from last year to make the land fertile for the future.

Call upon the rigor, wisdom and commitment of Capricorn to seal a contract with ourselves for 2014; to be a garden dedicated, patient and responsible. Should we change something in us (Grand Cross pushes us to), in our relationships, in the actions we take, inside and outside our inner life?

For this New Moon in Capricorn we ask again to watch (Pluto in Capricorn) how these seeds we sow, in an individual way, are part of a larger garden, that of our Earth. Again, and again – our link, building our commitment to the social structure through a purification phase, where we can no longer pretend not to see the weeds in our garden.

Our small acts in our lives affect the architecture of the Cosmos … So what is our posture? Where is it rooted? Where will we turn? Where will we find the guidance from within to live with integrity through our actions?

Nurture your garden with love, and right action, and enjoy a Beautiful Garden all year!

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala