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New Moon In Aquarius 30 january 1:38pm PST / 21:38pm GMT

New Moon, once again, ” Superlune ” is termed as such because of its proximity to the orbit of the earth, but also the second new moon of January, which invites us to strengthen the seed of the first of the year… Give particular attention to those inner principles that we talked about; our thirst for freedom, which reflects our individuality, and our unique way of being in and contributing to the world (qualities of Aquarius).
Aquarius is the sign symbolized by the water bearer of this new era, often talked about, it tells us above all that we have the possibility to connect to the source, in order to get new information that would then be discharged to humanity… We are the conduit.
At an initiate level, the water of Aquarius is one of the new knowledge that would allow this new age to be ushered in…

As Prometheus, who steals the sacred fire of knowledge of Zeus to enlighten humanity, this New Moon, sextile Uranus, fills us with this desire for freedom , independence and autonomy, to distinguish ourselves; by breaking the chains of conformism and by rebelling against unfair rules that prevent us from being and finding our higher self.
Yes… So what is this freedom that we seek? We are talking about freedom of thought, freedom to love, freedom to single out, differentiate, and to be in this world authentically. This simplicity of being can be converted into something beautiful. However, it can be made difficult when standards, and rules, are often imposed from the outside… which if we are not aware, can sometimes prevent us from the rebirth to ourselves, (becoming the authentic you) becoming the children of the man (the water carrier Aquarius)…
Dare to be, without hubris, when we forget our human condition… The human condition that we are reminded in this planetary configuration Venus stationary, conjoined with Pluto , she has returned as a morning star, January 16, and announcing its exit from the world below ….
What have we transformed in this descent looking inward? What do we see in our shadow figures that we can now release and transmute to shine again? How can our transformation help to illuminate the dawn of a new light, with a tone that is our own , that vibrates the singularity of being of who we are?
What is the information we received during our descent into our inner lands? Venus in Capricorn reminds us of our responsibilities; our integrity; focusing on our choices, our values, and our relationships. Discover your authentic self; engage with your authentic self for richer relationships and a more full purposeful life. 

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Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala