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New Moon in Pisces 28th of February : 11:59 p.m. PST / 1st March 7:59 a.m. GMT

A New Moon in the sign of Pisces, symbol of the cosmic ocean, of our need for transcendence, of feeling connected to something bigger (God, the Cosmos, Pachamama, the Universal Enery, the Source), breaking the illusion of separation between ourselves and the Other, between ourselves and the world.

Chiron conjunct the new moon, can accentuate this feeling of being separated, can bring up in us deep wounds of solitude, of non-belonging…A separation between our body and our soul, an inadequacy between our interior world lulled by dreams, the imaginary and the exterior reality that we live in…

Chiron in mythology is a half-man, half-animal centaur, our instinctive part is sometimes in a struggle with our desire to elevate ourselves, to verticalise ourselves…It teaches us that it is from our own wounds, from our own process of healing that we accompany others, that it is from this place of vulnerability, suffering, that we develop a compassion for others, a compassion of the heart.

Chiron is more than an energy, it’s a shamanic process of life, of crossing between the worlds to unify, become ourselves, authentic and true…

This New Moon is really strong because it speaks to us about the mystery of life which inhabits us, which puts many of us in a quest for meaning, of truth, so that we can link ourselves to the world and participate in the cosmic symphony whilst sounding true.

Thus, often in the sign of Pisces or under the influence of Neptune, we wish to sacrifice our individuality, to dissolve ourselves and lose ourselves in an imaginary world, of fantasy, of addictions, a search for somewhere else…

This New Moon works us in a deep way because it touches us as humans in our feeling of existing, of being the mysteries of life, of coming to the world for a while and then rejoining the Source (or something else, depending on our beliefs).

This moon is also affected by the retrogradations of Saturn (the 2nd of March in Scorpio) which invites us to be honest with ourselves, to dare to look where we are lying to ourselves or maybe we are cheating in our relations with others; and Mars (the 1st of March in Libra) which asks us to look at the use of force, of anger in our relationship with the Other: are we turning it against us?

And finally, Jupiter turns directl on the 6th of March opens its doors to us after a time of internal retreat, a link to our roots, our sense of belonging..
For those that resonate with Chiron, archetype of the wounded therapist, do not hesitate to contact me to see where he resonates within your theme…

Credit Photo: the dark Siren by Krlos Amstrong

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala