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Solar eclipse and New Moon in Taurus 28-29 April

A new moon and a solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus…after some seeds sown recently, daily work seems to open up, and the perseverance of the gardener who cultivates, waters and takes care of these treasures. The solar eclipse amplifies this return to Earth, by giving us the possibility of a reset, as if the rays of sunshine were kept in the dark to help us light it up.

Taurus speaks to us of our link with the earth, of incarnation, it asks us to preserve our garden: a garden that is outside us, nature, the environment, but also inside, the body as a temple.  

The glyph of Taurus on a deeper level drawn with horns, a feminine shape that receives the masculine solar energy and that makes it flesh, that incarnates this light. It’s a sign that tells us of our need for pleasure: in the way of fully wakening our senses to the beauty that surrounds us; at the beauty of being alive, of feeling as if our body is the sacred vehicle for a divine energy. We are the guardians of this temple, the guardians of our earth upon which our body takes roots.

In its need for security, the energy of Taurus attaches itself, wishes to accumulate, thinks that what it has reflects what it is. Mercury conjoined to this new moon can help us really integrate the fact that our value, our brilliance does not come only from our possessions, from the money in our bank account, from a beautiful body, but comes from the live presence that inhabits our body and our relationship to matter. To vibrate and sublimate matter is for me the deep initiation of Taurus: put some sacredness in each of our actions and of our pleasures (conscious nourishment, sexuality, protection of mother earth).

Managed by Venus, at this time in Pisces, the energy asks us also to acquire a global conscience of lunar and terrestrial cycles, like for example re-linking with ancestral matriarchal wisdom, a time when the cult of the Great Goddess was in its peak.

We shine all the more when we take conscience that our life is in harmony with the mysteries of nature and the cosmos.

I would like to again propose a space of sharing in private, please take care to tell me what your time, date and place of birth is, and if you have a specific question which resonates with this new moon.

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala