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Full Moon in Capricorn ( 2nd July) + Inspiration of the stars

Mantra: Having the courage to live from our heart…

This June full moon is very strong intensified by the joining of Venus and Jupiter that you can observe in the night sky …

This Full Moon asks us to work on ourselves from our crown, (Capricorn) to our roots (Cancer). With the presence of Mars and Pluto, we are asked to arm ourselves with courage to dare to turn our shadows into gold!
We are asked to cultivate the warrior in us with kindness and benevolence; the courage to dare to love, or simply to recognize our inner beauty and strength, honouring our emotions as valuable messengers that tell us what demands adjustment!

It encourages us to take care of ourselves like a gentle mother who would attend to the needs of her child who would take him by the hand every time he stumbles, murmuring gently :” everything is possible”, showing that she trusts in him.

Now imagine and feel that our roots go far beyond not only what was given to us by our parents and ancestors but are directly related to the mother earth. The roots are intertwined with pure and transparent crystals from the centre Earth, that’s where our true strength and anchor exists … ..
Once our base is secure, we can rise in the world to our highest self (Capricorn) contributed from our unique and singular gifts to changing structures and consciences. For all those who do not feel in alignment with their work or their contribution to life; this Full Moon can be an opportunity to go deep and look at what needs to be transformed: how can we adjust our posture? What changes can we make in ourselves to align with our profound appeal and feel that we are exactly in the right place!

Pluto comes to purify, to remove the opaque layers that prevent us from seeing the light. Sometimes it’s just looking at things from another angle (eg a job that we do not like but which supports us financially can now be seen as a source of investment that allows us to realize our passion)!
Focus on Heart and Courage are within this Full Moon because Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction in Leo , visible in the sky on June 30 and the following days really reminding us to follow our inner star! It is in our heart that everything starts, from there we are able to radiate an energy that inspires and to create possibilities.

Jupiter- Venus speaks about about joy, enthusiasm, love, friendship, expansion and abundance. In the sign of Leo, the planets challenge us to choose love over fear, dare to shine in the world by accepting the uniqueness of our rays ….

Often our greatest fear is to feel joy and to open our heart to all the possibilities ! An invitation on the eve of the full moon is to ask yourself, “what way is this resistance is serving me?” What makes me so afraid to dare to shine, be, live for love?

In this momentum of joy I send you lots of love and blessings… …

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala