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Super full Moon In Pisces

Mantra: Being vulnerable is a strength

This is a Full Moon that “hyper sensitizes” us, she is asking us to open our heart and spirit to others, to the invisible, to spirit … (the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune)

If emotions are on edge, let them sink, offer them to the Earth and to the Heavens; so we can connect to this invisible energy and magic that allows us to feel  alive.

Celebrating whatever emotions come up, do not run from them  but sit with them and listen to what they have to say … What are our true aspirations? If we can find a better job, a new dress, a house and the desire to be free,  radiant and  full of vitality. Maybe then we would see that a walk with nature is already giving us what we need  and fulfilling the desire for freedom and vitality.

The sign of Pisces takes us into the mysteries of the unknown where saying to much about this sign is already taking the risk of putting too much words…

The axis of this Full Moon Virgo-Pisces invites us to explore the link between everyday reality and the unseen world of the collective unconscious, artistic and spiritual aspiration.

I said in my last article a key for me is ritual …. Virgo invites us to organize our daily activities intelligently, Poisson instead plunges into chaos, when suddenly the unexpected asks us to abandon this organization.

Transforming routine into rituals  is inviting the presence of spirit into our daily lives. It asks us to remember every day that a force greater than us exists and guides us… A ritual is above all a proclamation of our intentions to the universe. It can be enhanced by beautiful candles, incense and even  drums but not necessary! Sometimes the ritual can happen in little actions: writing our words on a paper and burning it to get release the old, picking up a stone bury it in the Earth to release a relationship or toxic habit…

Once we release the old, we open a door so that things are different, something magical can occur, a miracle is not it a change of perspective … Of course everything is not settled so far, but we have made a different choice … something happened …

Then in the evening Full Moon, dare we see our sensitivities, our strength vulnerability as one that allows us to connect to something, to have eyes to see beyond the veils, norms and beliefs ….

PS: the ebook on lunar rituals that give you invitations to harmonize with the different phases of the moon is nearing completion just to be translated in English ( any volunteer to correct my English and would give a free reading… it will be freely available to all that enrolls in my newsletter and be accompanied by a little surprise! I invite you to register and also book your return consultation if you want to start the year with different lighting of the stars!

Caroline xx

caroline moye

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