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FULL MOON IN Gemini + Inspiration of the Stars

Mantra: I ground myself in order to create possibilities …

This Full Moon illuminates the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius. In gemini we explore our environment, learning and open to the new; in Sagittarius we synthesize those learnings, making space for intuition and then transmitting our truth.

In this axis, we set the foundation of our beliefs about life. We are asked with Sagittarius to look at the stars, to establish a direction in which our life and all experiences make sense because we have faith and trust that we are guided by our North Star to birth our soul purpose.

Gemini reminds us of the importance of having a beginners mind, not to be shackled by our beliefs or ideals but rather to be flexible and open to the new.

This axis during this Full Moon (by the astrological aspect of Neptune and Saturn in square) is the art of dance between separation / border and union, dream and reality, cosmos and earth.

Yes! We are being asked in the coming months to find this harmony within us but also from a collective point of view.

Saturn conjunct the sun in Sagittarius: we want to open our wings, to believe everything is possible and that abundance is there. However an external force ( Saturn in the costume of society, the crisis, violence, and authority) seems to stop us and through this we may feel like a prisoner of this earth, of matter and of density.

Saturn reminds us of the importance of our grounded self It governs our skeleton.We are being asked to look at our beliefs, to redefine our vision, the North Star. It reminds us that the limits are within us! e must accept what it is with discernment and work on our inner selves. How can I remain straight with integrity in front of external events? What is the right posture consistent with my North Star? How can I create and action my dreams despite the apparent limits from the outside? How can I find the freedom within, to keep believing with courage, faith and hope that a better world is possible?

With Neptune we are also being challenged to find the right balance between the separated self and the united. Neptune calls us into dissolution, to feel one with the world and other beings. t reminds us that all separation is an illusion because we are all emanations of the Source.

How to combine the Saturnian principle of reality and The dreamy Neptune that asks us to come into transcendence and union?

A key can be that despite the chaos outside we are being asked to cultivate this axis between Sky and Earth. We are being asked to remain straight – to be a bridge connected to the Earth by acting on this planet with awareness, respect and integrity whilst at the same time not losing sight of the invisible,the magic, all that is fantasy and all the reverie that exists!

So in those months that stir us we can combine these two forces to dare to materialize in our lives our deepest dreams and aspirations, dare to be the unique and shining light without worrying about the eyes of others, but simply because we know that we can not help but be! this unique individual, yet connected!

Commit to yourself with Saturn in a daily discipline to give birth to your heavenly treasures on earth.

Speak from an open heart and stay connected to an infinite source that exceeds and contains everything at once.

The core of my work in astrology and coaching is to hold space for you so that you can manifest your cosmic treasure on earth in the form that is uniquely yours singular, and beautiful. The stars are a sacred support, this is a guide given to us but we are the ones who have the keys and can by these small acts and daily rituals register this appeal into matter! Sometimes we need a soul sister and mentor to do so! Thank you for allowing me to gift this to you today!

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala