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Mantra: We all have an inner star that never dies no matter what is playing in our lives.

She is our lighthouse, always available …

The energies are increasing with the approach of the full moon this weekend, we are challenged to reconcile our deep call for freedom and independence with the compromises of engagement in our relationships.

Daring to let the deep venusian emotions emerge to the surface.

Cultivating the inner alchemist who knows that from lead, the heaviest emotions, he can make gold and illuminate parts of himself that are hidden in the shadows.

We are also challenged to be responsible for the etymological sense, to respond to our actions and emotions, even if the Neptunian energies and the South Node in Pisces would rather us withdraw into a soft and dreamy world where we can remain protected from reality, in fusion with the whole 

For some of us, this can be just an escape, we go high towards the sky and touch the clouds with our mind, but by doing so we are not answering the call to live our human experiences, even if they are painful.

It seems we are asked to feed ourselves from the Sky, so we can have sufficient strength to act and grow on earth, allowing us to make conscious choices and walk our path on earth in harmony.

In October, the month of integration and learning, the questions “Who am I?”, “Where I am going?”, “With whom I am walking?” make deep sense.

Let’s take our strength and courage back, because we are the only one who can save ourselves. Let’s contemplate the difficulties and obstacles as experiences that encourage us to stand in our sovereign being, unique, different , authentic.

Uranus comes to challenge us all this week and in the coming months to dare to be, dare to follow the visions of our inner eye, dare to choose the freedom to be authentic, real, essential …

It really asks us to find the courage to break through conformity and expectations projected by us or others on what should be our way …

Nevertheless, we also might remain cautious, that we do not rebel too fast!

Uranus may suggest a more subtle rebellion by inviting us to open the door of freedom within us. For some this will require a breakthrough with the outside, for others it will be a path to inner vibrance and possibility.

The important thing is answering the call, regardless of the path

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala