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Inspiration of the Stars: Week of April 17th ….

Mantra: Embracing the Chalice of Mother Gaia

This is a week that calls us to go inside through the retrogradation of Mars on Monday followed by Pluto on Tuesday and ending with a full moon in Scorpio on Friday.

March the warrior, the Gypsy wise men, the traveler philosopher in the sign of Sagittarius invites us to an inner journey until the end of June. I feel it brings us to reflect deeply on our actions and aspirations, rewriting or adjusting our North Star…

Mars will also show us where we hurt ourselves by maintaining beliefs that prevent us from cultivating this adventurer of the stars in us, forcing us to bend under the weight of unnecessary and sterile rules. During this period, he asks us to focus our energy on the inside.

This is reinforced by the retrogradation of Pluto in Capricorn, it goes even further by offering us a purification of our ambitions and our material aspirations, it can even cause some of us to a question our profession! How do we contribute to the world? Is it aligned with our North Star?

Therefore, take the time to let the process take place. I feel that the Sun entering the sign of Taurus Wednesday reminds us that there is some organic time, the flowers can not grow in 2 days. So let’s cultivate our garden embracing the perseverance and benevolence of taurus energies.

So why not spend more time in nature, alongside this wisdom written in flowers, plants, trees, sea, reading the book of life.

If we merge into Mother Earth and if we listen carefully, we will penetrate her secrets,she has something precious to tell us. Nevertheless we must allow ourselves to take the time to contemplate, to sit, to walk slowly…

With these retrogradations and the energy of the Taurus we really seek to slow down, allow to merge ourselves in the feminine energy of the Earth. She is also working but in a more invisible and passive way than the fierce aries energy !

Let’s cultivate in us the chalice, the receptacle by being this sacred cup that receives the energy and becomes one with it.

The glyph of Taurus is for me the symbol of this chalice and we all have bull’s energies (I am not talking about the sun sign or lunar), it represents the feminine cup that receives the energy of the scorpion and then embodies it through the body and pure presence.

She is the guardian of the mother earth feminine mysteries. It also reminds us that we all are supported by this feminine matrix, it is our true roots…

I am offering a soft price for celebrating the month of Taurus and the Great Mother ( also my birthday month), all the readings are available for 80 dollars ( instead of 120 dollars) we will discover your feminine magic goddesses and how the energies of the planet are affecting now your life ( soul purpose, relationship, spiritual quest…)

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala