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SuperFull Moon in Aries 16 oct

Mantra: Calling for inner revolution
Claims: Be authentic, adhere only to the truth of the heart ..

It is a powerful Full Moon, roaring, as her call for change is intense and stirring. This is reinforced by the fact that it is located very close to the Earth, we feel her vibration even more …

She touches the axis Aries-Libra, the axis of relationships, of our deepest desires. On one hand stands Aries the fierce pioneer, the adventurer who loves to walk unexplored paths with the guidance of his inner call. On the other hand, we have Libra revealing our desire for harmony, peace and commitment in our relationships. 

With the intense energies of this Full Moon, the Libra archetype has to face its imbalance: when our desire for harmony merges with the others so that we lose our unique flavor, our tastes, our aspirations.

However, this full Moon conjunct Uranus, the great awakener of consciousness and Eris, goddess of chaos (this will be especially true for some people in key points of your natal chart) . We cannot ignore the intensity of the screaming internal voice, which we stifle. We want to free ourselves from old patterns that prevent us from living, speaking and daring to put into action our deepest truth.

Make no mistake, chaos remains on the surface because it dissipates. Let us blow away the foundations that are not true, those built from the layers of what we believe to be or what others project onto us ..

Although, Aries ruled by Mars can cause us rumbling anger, which seems to explode at any moment. This is not to deny it but to transform such an alchemist in order to realize the creative power it contains.

Mars approaching Pluto can only invite us to let out this intense wave of creative and liberating energy. It will do it by destroying and purifying what is fake: our erroneous actions, our toxic relationships …

The conflict, violence may not be necessary, even if the intensity of some of our inner experiences can make us afraid ..
Instead it is the alive, creative energy which liberates and which will explode our inner limitations and erroneous patterns ..

This is of course a process that this full moon can highlight by shedding light on what we have stifled for too long: the restrictions and limitations that we experience in order to maintain harmony or the status quo in our lives, in our families, in our work …
What she breathes deeply is of a rebellious nature, much like Eris the spiritual warrior. A rebellion against the unfair, the false, the unfounded and outdated traditions. But she also looks at the conflict that starts within.

This is a process of purification so we can recover this inner peace between parts of ourselves that seem to be opposite. How can we reconcile the fiery Aries and its intense need to brush against the limits with the sweetness of Libra? How can we reconcile a crying need for independence, to be a free spirit with the compromise and commitment that our relationships require?

Are we ready for the challenge? This anger that we turn against us or that blows constantly on the outside, can it not rather be a driver for courage and strength? So we can dare to dance between the opposing poles! Dare to walk our unique way, overcoming the Uranian challenge of feeling so different, feeling like we don’t fit in.

What if our differences are the greatest gifts that we have been given so we can contribute to the world? What if our limits were just a dead skin that is requesting to molt? What if it was easier than we think?

What could be possible if we did not forget that all we each have within us is just an unsuspected force that is alive …

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala