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Full Moon Eclipse in Leo 10 – 11 feb


This full moon and eclipse bring to the surface our deepest emotions, the ones that prevent us from expressing our magic child, to have access to this inner joy that shines like a sun.

Our shadows can emerge, they seem to veil our authentic self, this pure joy that we glimpse in an old childhood memories..

This moon is forming a Yod aspect pointing Chiron, the wounded healer archetype, this can trigger our shame and vulnerability. the places where we prefer to hide, to retreat in our protective bubble… but the we can feel we cut ourselves from the flow of life…

We look at others dancing, creating, singing , celebrating but we choose to withdraw, we hesitate to enter the cosmic dance, to write our own story…

Leo comes to remind us that inside of us live an hero, an heroin capable or owning and writing his/her own story. In this quest of our treasure, we often need to fight monsters, the inner enemy but we always get the help of some magic allies, invisible forces. They whisper to our ears «  you are on your way, everything is perfect, you are not broken, there is nothing to fix, I am here anytime, anywhere ».

We feel something has happened, we take back the road with this inner light that will never go away, we walk, we all and every time the shadow rises, we know it is asking us to go deeper, to dare to shine our unique light.

This quest is not an egoistic one, it is often lonely, deep and sometimes painful, yes but as every hero or heroin , we all know that our path is just a part of this cosmic symphony, each note is important so we can become a lighthouse for many…

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala