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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio ( 21 oct- 10 nov)

Mercury is now retrograde in Scorpio….

Ancient people believed mercury as a guide of the soul was going into the underworld, this time is an opportunity to descend in the shadow of our psyche, to face our truth even if in this path we must face shadow and darkness (Scorpio) .  An opportunity of letting go of severe self-judgement and maybe transform all this “mud” into gold, like the alchemist ………

Mercury was the god of the crossroads, he accompanies us in the “in between” situations….maybe this days can be a in between and promise of a rebirth free from an old skin………and ready for the next one………

We must remember that Mercury has wings and he is able to be a transmitter of divine information, maybe in this descent we can receive some insights from the divine within us…

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala