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Saturn/ North Node conjunct in scorpio…

Today….is a special day… everyday but I feel to share some words ….

Just inviting us to pay attention to synchronicity: how our “destiny” can be revealed to us. today….

We can receive  insights through dreams, special encounters, key words in a book, they can help us understanding more and more the meaning…..the meaning of our quest, our incarnation….

It does not have to be a ‘big thing’ it can be a small detail , something little but we feel it gives us a glimpse of a deeper path to walk….

We might feel a urge to act our truth, to align our thoughts with our actions, that really we can feel we are able to give shape, shape to our body, shape to our life….

We can in those days encounters our deep sadness and our deep joy, it may seem contradictory….I would answer no, let’s embrace the beauty of our tears….. ( venus/north node and saturn conjunct)

And to close with an old poem ( from Melanie Reinhart website):

” Saturn , Shani
Servant of the light, a dark Son of the Sun.
Son of Rudra, Lord of Tears,
I turn my face at the same time towards death and immortality
I am named ” he who moves slowly, devoted to attachment and stability…”

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala