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New Moon In Scorpio 18 nov

Every new moon is a calling to dive into a new beginning, the energy of scorpio flavors it with deepest intensity. We are called to raise into the archetype of the alchemist, dare shade our old skin so we can rebirth.

With scorpio we need to descend in the obscurity of the unknown, the invisible , who must face the uncertainty of transformation…we know what is no longer serving us but we can fear the new emerging..

Why sometimes the old skin even if too tight or the suffering become so comfortable?

Resistances may arise through fear, anxiety or deep emotions, and the same time there is an opportunity in the descent to see beyond the veils, to uncover deep psychological patterns inside us, to make conscious those habits, toxic relationship outside or with ourselves that keep us locked in a vicious circle.

But when we see this obscurity? how can we transform it into gold, into a treasure? there is a tentation with the shadow of scorpio energies which is to lie, to manipulate, to hide our feelings, to return the anger towards us suppressing our voice, remaining hidden in the dark.

An aspect of this Full Moon, (Mars in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn) suggests to us that these revelations will not happen without a tension. So what can we do? How to stay true to ourselves?
Indeed, if the desire that arises from these revelations goes against a harmony woven with others, if it pushes us to explode social rules, to rebel against established order in our work, relationship …

The Scorpion energy whispers “the more you resist, the more difficult life will be both inside your psyche or in external events. Neptune in trine to Venus & Jupiter add: ” Use discernment with your desires. If the desire that awakens in you opens your heart, makes your soul sing, seems to transport you into another dimension. Maybe this desire is emerging from the higher realms of your Soul showing you the path you are called to walk. Do not be afraid, trust in the power of live that lives within you, let yourself be, do not try to control “

A certainty emerged from this Moon: if we want to transform we must sacrifice the old schema, habit, relationship that no longer suits us, let energy strip us, empty us, because only in this way can we be born again with a new skin ..

We are helped in this process by Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, he helps seeing that in the suffering we carry from most of us from a wounded childhood, remains some golden treasures, that we can transform and become a light for others to do so, but yes we must go to these places that scary us, learn from them but then raise in the light, in our beauty and in letting life be more powerful…

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala