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New Moon in Scorpio 11/11

Mantra: in embracing uncertainty we are reborn

Symbolically at each new moon we start a new 28-day cycle, on which it s a time to sow a new intention. This one is even stronger with the Symbolic of 11.11 ( a high spiritual number)

In the sign of Scorpio we are brought face to face with the mysteries of the unseen, the impermanence of things: we are born, we die, and are reborn…

This New Moon Trine Chiron (the archetype of the “Wounded Healer” ) and conjunct Mercury astrological aspect seems to open a door in order to find a new key in the quest of our healing process.

We all live in varying times of suffering, anxiety or irrational fears. Scorpio can force us to descend into those dark places, which are mostly unknown!

Yes! Like Persephone or Inanna we must strip ourselves of everything we think we know, the need to dive into the unknown, to get rid of the useless, and embrace the impermanence of who we think we are.

I feel that this New Moon can be an opportunity to walk through a symbolic door, to decree something strong for us, accepting to let go of all these false beliefs that we have about ourselves and all that we believe to be true !

What if we could look in the mirror and see something different? Would it were possible for us to feel how these thoughts which are useless and toxic separates us? Just setting the intention of letting go and allowing this process of rebirthing to occur, even if we still do not know what we are birthing to!

We are asked to simply accept that this is a moment of change, of transformation and that we are moving forward. We must trust and grow while our ‘end point’ is still uncertain.

Chiron makes us face the mysteries of suffering but also the possibility of transforming it for us and for others. It gives us the opportunity to receive via intuition or even just feeling the energy of the moon that something new is possible for us, as we approach our axis, alignment of our body, mind and soul…

Let’s transform Mercury into a passer that allows us to navigate between the different dimensions of our being, interconnecting them our conscious, subconscious parts of who we are.

We are asked to accept especially during New Moon that there are mysteries beyond us and that we can only let ourselves go with the flow of what we feel. We are asked not to judge this process (mercury affecting our critical and rational brain)!

Yes! Not judge what we feel, what we believe to be true!

Do not assume what we think others think and feel.

This New Moon is presenting a challenge: to plunge into the unknown with confidence that something in us is moving and that we have enough power to be reborn and renewed.

A little video on this New Moon 

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala