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Full Moon In Cancer 25 dic + Christmas Gifts

Mantra: We are all children of Earth and Heaven

This Full Moon touches the axis of roots and tops. In Christmas Day, the Moon in Cancer evokes family and how we weave intimacy with our loved ones and ourselves.

In Cancer, we dive deep into the archetype of motherhood bringing to the surface our childhood memories. It can brings us emotions around our sense of belonging, we can feel we are part of or at the contrary we are stranger to our blood family.

This Moon asks us to look within the relationships we have built around us are we capable of this intimacy? Do we instead need our space by setting strong barriers, protecting us?

However, I feel that first of all, Cancer speaks of intimacy within ourselves and our ability to be a good mother to ourselves. We all carry to a certain extent and heavy family history with its wounds, burdens and paradoxes! /h5>

For many of us, we have to mourn our childhood wounds; what our parents were not able to do for us, our needs that they could not answer.

We can not change this past, they have done their best but we have the responsibility to transform those wounds, to
step aside from being a victim and connect differently to ourselves.

Beyond blood ties, Cancer asks us to find our soul family, this feeling of belonging to the Earth, to a lineage of spiritual adventurers.

When I was a child, I prayed even if my parents had never really taught me. In this prayer I asks the lineage of seekers who had come before me to help and guide me. I always felt spontaneously that it is my true lineage.

Cancer faces the Capricorn. Capricorn is about what we do in the world, not only our professional work but our soul work. It asks us to find this place within the world where we feel we contribute and serve others.

Therefore this Full Moon is also an invitation to observe within us : if there is an imbalance between the time we spend in intimacy with ourselves and our loved ones, and our professional or other activities .

At a more symbolic level, this is of the Earth and Heaven on a more symbolic level: how we feel rooted and supported by the Earth to ascend to Heaven, How we verticalize ourselves !!!

Yes it is a high emotional Full Moon because it awakens the nostalgia of childhood, nostalgia for what has not been, the wounds of the past.

It simply invites us to listen to these emotions, to welcome them without getting bogged down, remembering that we are all children of the Earth and the sky, we are all connected by invisible and subtle links.

Neptune trine to the Moon may invite us to forgive with compassion, listening wisely and understand that if we see things from above everything has a meaning.

I am convinced that there is some mystery in our lives, we identify the parties, we understand fragments but do not forget that we are all part of a sacred and beautiful architecture, and that if we could see the beauty of the upper plane, we would forgive easily on the earth plane to others and to ourselves …

In this Christmas day where I feel that longing to be away from my family and my background, I remember that I belong primarily to Source, The whole universe.

Two small gifts for Christmas Day!

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With infinite gratitude

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala