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Full Moon In Taurus 27 oct + Meditation

Mantra: I surrender my healing to Mother Earth.

This is an intense full moon. I am writing those words just a few days before its peak and I can already feel the energy surging from the depth of Scorpion. These energies seems to come beyond us, submerging us in a range of emotions…

A Rainbow filled with laughter to tears, doubt to trust, anger to love…

With the axis Taurus- Scorpio we are being asked to harmonize matter and energy.

Taurus is an earth sign. t tells us about our relationship to matter,and ourexperience through our body, food, money or material resources. It symbolizes for me at a deeper level the link to Mother Earth. How can we feel connected to her? How can we trust that she is holding us and supporting us in her womb?

The scorpion is the subtle energy – the alchemy of attraction, passion with another being, the sharing of our bodies, our money, and our possessions. It is also the guardian of the mysteries of death and resurrection: we are born and we go back to ashes in an infinite cycle. For some we go through this symbolic process of birth and death several times t in one lifetime. The scorpion also talks about our legacy, what we hold from genealogy and that which does not necessarily belong to us!

In this lifetime we are asked to be alchemists and transform it.

In their Union, Taurus becomes the receptacle of this subtle energy. We need to incarnate it through our body and through our presence in order to emanate and radiate this subtle energy.

We are often forced to realize that our difficulties related to matter whether our body, or our finances are rooted in often invisible dynamics inherited from our ancestors…

This Full Moon shines the light on all these dynamics asking us to release them and surrender.

One day, I feel it would be the time for me to share my story of the wounded Taurus. This deep path of finding the balance between the Scorpio and Taurus. Is it shyness? Resistances? There exists something still within me doubting whether to expose myself or remain silent…


A full moon that will awaken in us the complexity of our relationship to matter, even the sufferings that emerges from our difficulty to embody, to be present to what is, to simply enjoy the small pleasures of life without sinking into the depths of the scorpion.

Yet other aspects of this Full Moon are bearers of hope:

First, the sun is conjunct to the asteroid Asclepius. Asclepius is the God of medicine. He was known in the ancient time to assist desperate people in his temple in Epidaurus, Greece. The healing was based on dreams People would sleep and receive some guidance in their dreams and thus the prescription was based on the dream content.
Secondly, Jupiter, Mars and Venus in Virgo are in opposition to Chiron, the wounded therapist.

These astrological aspects tell me something: our physical healing also requires us to delve into the mysteries of the invisible, that the nodes of our pain are beyond the physical symptoms and require us to go deep and work from the subtle realms.

I invite you on this Full Moon to surrender yourself physically and energetically. To allow all healing to occur through Mother earth you can follow this meditation:

I invite you to sit in easy pose and gently close your eyes.

Allow your breath to be soft and calm, you do not need to exaggerate it,

Just be aware of the waves in your stomach.

Then imagine a white light coming down from the top of your crown,flowing through you as it stops on your third eye, throat, heart, plexus, hara (below the navel), perineum ..

Feel the energy down your perineum to the centre of the earth, as it passes through and illuminates the darkness, she goes down, down, down into the caves, and the wet and muddy areas…

Then she reaches a crystal cave with a gigantic quartz light, the white light wraps around each quartz….

The energy is intense as you become united to the vibrations of these crystals, and as they talk to you through the wave of energy:

“What do you need to surrender? What is no longer serving you in your life?

We are here to receive, it can be through your tears, words, your screams or your silence!

We are here to transform it.

We are the guardians of Mother Earth, we are here to support you and protect you. You are not alone….”

Breathe in, drop the weight of your burden

Take as much time as you need…

Then when the ritual is over, you can feel again this white light that invites you to rise to the surface.

You ascend confident that this crystal cave is in you, and that you can constantly go back there at any moment.

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala