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“Designing 2017 in alignment with the stars”

Once upon a time in the old Greece people used to make a yearly pilgrimage to attend the Oracle of the Pitonisa…

They bathed in sacred water and received her channel and inspiration…

The Astrology I practice is in alignment with this sacred lineage of priestess, seers and oracle, its main intention is to put light on the hidden and sacred forces that are influencing your life. They serve you as a light during your year understanding the main energies and how to work with them…

The magic happens between your stars, your guides, your soul and intentions and me as a simple channel and translator of this old and sacred language.


In this 90 minutes we will dive deep and help you:

  • Clarify the main energies that will help you feel connected to your Soul Mission. We will put light on the aspects of your life that are gifted this year with favorable energies, that can assist you in manifesting your soul’s intentions for 2017.
  • Alchemizing the more challenging energies. Very often the energies of the planets such as Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto show up into our life through difficulties: frustrations, limitation, confusion, stress, depression and anxiety. These are the dark side but in the reading we connect with our inner alchemist so we can see their profound calling and treasure: Saturn is asking for self mastery, Neptune to spiritualize and have faith, Uranus to dare show our uniqueness into the world. Pluto to find riches in meeting our shadow
  • Calling your inner goddesses. We will put light on the main goddesses archetypes this year for you. Diving in their symbolism, in which domains of your life they are manifesting the most, what they are asking you. What rituals should you entertain?
  • Living in harmony with the Moon Cycle. We will shed light on the main new moon and full moon for you this year. This will enable you to have an individualized way to connect to the moon cycle through the year, so you can set intentions during the new moon and harvest their fruits in full moon in resonance with your own inner sky.
  • Soul Feminine Cycle: Which is the main calling of your soul, are there some opportunities to realize past lives stories and patterns to embrace the new?

Download the pdf: Designing 2017 with The Stars

Reading: 90 min (might take up 2 hours depending on the reading)

Price: $150

You get a recording of the session and a PDF file with the key dates and feminine archetypes, and the main planets or signs of your 2017 sky.

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Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala