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Full Moon In Scorpio 10 may & Wésak

Mantra: Embracing the Phenix energies I can rebirth from within ( translate from the french embracing my imperfections )

This Full Moon is a very strong energetic portal, the tradition tells us that the energies of Christ and the Buddha unite toghter on the may full moon to bless the Earth ….

Full Moon always highlights a specific aspect in our life. In the sign of Scorpio, The light is shine in our subconscious, doors are open to face our shadows,our hideen motivations but it is also the opportunity if we dare to descend to discover the treasures of the subconsious, the beautiful language of dreams, symbols and syncronicities.

For many of us, the dark , this obscure part of ourselves is scary, so we avoid it but we face it outside in our external reality: in some toxic relationships, in the violence of the world, in seeing conspiration… the more we rejected it the more it becomes louder, noisy…

However, if we look at the wisdom of the myths, we can see that for thousands of years, Persephone, Psyche … have descended into the depths of the under world in the realms of the invisible. They had to empty from all their beliefs, their old clothes, they had to die to what they believed to be ..

Thus, naked in their heart, with nothing left expext this incommensurable strength from within, they light the most darkest places, they were able to illuminate their ways of return. They chose not to remain in the shadow, the fears, the paralyzing anxieties but guided by love, they have come to the surface and have shared with us their treasures and inner riches …

The initiation of the Scorpio Tarus axis is a strong one. In scorpio we we lose everything we merge, we experience impermanence, the invisible, energy, and then we return to matter (in Taurus )as a sacred chalice that receives and embodies this energy.

We discover the pleasure of matter, body, incarnation because we have been initiated in its impermanence, transitional state, carrying dust of infinite stars ….

Yes, it is a strong, strong Moon, because it touches us on the limit of what we thought we knew or controlled of our life, it asks us this humility to kneel before the mysteries of the Cycle of the Cosmos, while accepting Take our place, dance in the divine symphony, because each note is important …

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala