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Summer Vives Special Astro Readings : Love & Next Adventures…

Summer has something special with the cancer energy in july we are asked to go deep inside us, take time with our family but also to cultivate intimacy within ourselves…, then with Leo energy in August the energy of creating, expressing ourselves is more alive, we feel we have some insights, inspirations of new projects ideas we want to manifest in september with the Virgo energy……

In the meantime, those are months where love is in the air….we have more time to spend with our partners or on the contrary we feel the lack of the special one and we gaze at those happy families in the beach….

Astrology is a sacred but so much misunderstood tool of self knowledge and understanding the blueprint of our soul, of your life purpose…..

It has not the power to predict the exact event, the exact meeting of this special person but it gives us a more powerful key and gift, it helps us understand, confirming those energies we feel inside. It shows us the way through, it gives a light in the most difficult aspect of ourselves or our relationship…

For me Astrology practiced in this way, set you free because it gives you the permission to follow the path of uniqueness, to embrace your unique feminine archetypes as a women, to confirm your choice of being committed  free or inventing a way of cocreating loved relationship.

It confirms you that those big dreams are real and part of your life destiny when everybody around try to told you you are crazy to pretend you are a priestess, an amazon, a mother…

I incubate those sessions for the past months because love is what remain when everything falls apart, and adventure is what gives fire to our life, uplift us to be and become amazing human spiritual being…..

with all my love, I invite you to read those offers:

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and write to me back if they are calling you…

Love & Light

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