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Julie Parker : CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

❧I absolutely loved my birth chart reading with Caroline. She was incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable and amazingly insightful. It had been something I wanted to do for such a long time but I had never found an astrologer and coach who felt ‘just right’ for me to do it with. Caroline was my perfect connection and I cannot recommend her highly enough.❧


Tara Bliss, Author, Spiritual Practice Coach, Yogi

❧Caroline radiates absolute sweetness and cosmic wisdom. She gave me an intuitive astrology reading and the magic of our time together was in the subtleties she spoke about. I felt known to her. Seen by her. Held by her. And I would recommend her light to anyone.❧


Connie Chapman, life coach, passionate writer and inspirational speaker.

I felt so comforted by what she shared, and at several points was moved to tears by how accurately she described and interpreted what had been playing out in my life. I was amazed by the detail she provided and the in depth knowledge she had of the astrological energies, planets and themes.

I could feel the love, passion and care she had poured into the reading and I felt incredibly supported and understood. Her guidance helped me see the beauty and power of all the lessons I was learning rather than viewing my challenges as failures or mistakes.

I would recommend a reading for anyone who is needing clarity, and is wanting a deeper understanding of the lessons and learning’s unfolding in their life. I feel clear now on how to navigate the current energies playing out for me, and also excited about what the future holds❧.


Jessica, Reflexologist

 ❧I heard about Caroline Moye many years ago and yet it took several yeas before i came to contact her. The instant i heard the gentleness of her voice i felt deep warmth within… in the same week of our first talk on the phone i received Carolines beautyful texte through a friend … only later did i make the link… from then on regularly and always at the right moment i read the monthly méditations and mantras she so generously offers us to receive…. they are inspiring and healing.

Caroline has done my chart, those of several of my children and also the chart for my couple … each time Caroline has given support and has offered for my life path to become more and more clear… as if she holds your hand with her wise touch and guides you naturaly towards your inner true self… the closer i approche this place where ‘i am’ where i ‘trully’ am… the closer i have been able to touch that graceful state of stillness within the heart. Caroline offers us to reach to this true inner space within us through advise and the very original lecture she makes of our chart. What is special is how she clears our vision without ever imposing her opinion … she stays nutral and yet nurishes our ability to interpret our chart thanks to her great understanding of mythology. This nurishes our capacity of being creative and poetic in the interpretations we make  of our chart. I thank her for this wisdom and for her heartfullness in letting oneself find the path through on our own by guiding us towards our intuition.❧


Melanie Dufey, Naturopath

❧The idea that I had of astrology (including all the science and practices deriving from it) was whittled down to the horoscopes one can find at the end of some female-oriented magazines: 3 or 4 short lines for each sign, predicting vague and abstract things.
Added to this, having grown up in a very Cartesian family culture, this type of approach and practice linked to a science that could not be ‘proven’ scientifically was not considered serious, and I grew up with this a priori, despite the fact that my life path progressively led me towards a vision of a larger life, holistic and more respectful of nature.
And then…I met Caroline.

Before knowing what profession she did, I got to know her as a human being, as a woman.

A friendship was built little by little, and with it a deep trust.

Caroline has always been discreet, and talked little of herself, and this explains how time passed by before I found out what she did as a job.

I was surprised to find out that she was an intuitive astrologist: the woman that I got to know, that is so calm, so serious, rational, profound, intelligent, while still being sensitive, was very far from my preconception of astrology that I had kept in my subconscious.

Rather intrigued, I then asked her if she would like to work on my birth chart, as a first session. I had absolutely no understanding of astrology, of the science of the stars. She accepted and…it was a real revelation for me. The intuitive approach to astrology is infinitely more than a vague, hazy and irrational science.

Intuitive astrology bases itself on extremely complex information, by giving leading lines that really help us to understand the things we have been through, that we are going through, and that we will be le to go through in the future.

Knowing that these ‘lines of life’ have meaning, an aim, and that they are there to guide us to a precise point, or are things that we need to work on, to grow, is truly comforting, life-saving even.

This gave me a momentum to follow: I follow this life momentum from its starting point. Even if we know that we are brought to zones of turbulence, this can also be precious information, because we then have the tools in our hand to be able to calmly deal with this mechanism of personal growth, whatever one’s theme (professional, personal, in love, spiritual, physical…).

Another thing that I greatly appreciated about the sessions with Caroline: she records our sessions. This was very useful to me. Since I was a complete novice in this realm, certain themes or notions were very hazy for me.

However, Caroline always makes a big effort to explain everything: we therefore understand with ease the entirety of the session, but some information is quite dense because of the complexity and novelty of the concept.

Therefore, the recording helped me to dive back into our session, and re-listen to some things that I had not seen during the session itself.

After my session with Caroline, I felt a real and powerful feeling of well-being envelop me: a sort of calmness, a softness.

I am calm and soft by nature, but she managed to create a slightly different sensation in me, and powerful in a different way: like a big bubble, a cocoon, protecting me, encircling me, rocking me.

These sessions, all different and enriching due to the diversity of the themes discussed, have been like extra tools to better cope with obstacles and important times in my life.

Thank you…❧


Jennifer, Military

❧I had a consultation with Caroline at the start of 2014, while I was in a complete emotional fog. Almost 40, with a different job, different aspirations, basically my ‘real’ life was calling me, but it is incredibly difficult to sort out all these ideas that I’ve had floating around my head since years, and to make the right choices to dare make the first step…
Caroline offered me crucial help at this key time: She helped me to understand my past by pointing out my life cycles, to know myself better thanks to me astrological chart and to find my place in this surprising world, thanks to my given and acquired talents. With her well-meaning outlook, her clairvoyance and softness, Caroline gave me back my self-esteem, confidence in my future and lit up my path so that I can finally move forward.❧



❧I was deeply surprised by the truth, the clarity and depth of Caroline’s work on my theme. She is truly inspired, in the noblest sense of the term. During the reading of my sky chart, I had the impression that she was decrypting in places where I myself didn’t always have the words to express how I felt. Caroline has a great capacity for listening, a desire to accompany you into the discovery or re-discovery of yourself. The words she uses, when I listen to them again, hit the nail on the head – she is just so in phase with you, via your sky chart…She helps you to give birth to your personal mythology…

Thank you Caroline, you are a magician!!!❧


 Marie, Naturopath

❧Caroline takes the time to translate the messages of the cosmos, in order to lighten your life path by starlight. With softness and benevolence, she values the shadows and lights that have been guiding us since our births, taking care to teach the stellar and planetary basics. What joy to share a session with her, so close even at opposite ends of the world! Thank you again.❧



❧Having been attracted to the world of astrology for a long time, I’ve always had a reticence to cross the threshold of a consultation…fearing bad and often false predictions and excessively negative visions of certain things…
And one day, on my path, Caroline appeared. I immediately trusted the kind soul that is Caroline. Her sensitivity and gentleness resonated in me and I decided to cross the threshold! Caroline analysed my astral theme and her work was strongly revelatory for me. The session was recorded, and it was through listening to it again that her words and the clues that she had sown made sense.

I then understood a lot about the difficulties that I went through, and the objectives that were fixed for me in this life. Caroline gave me the desire to learn more about this area and I am looking forward to, again, asking her for answers to do with the choices I will have to make in future times ☺

I strongly recommend her gentleness and the pertinence of her analysis!

Thank you again, Caroline ☺❧


CMN, Project Coordinator/Assistant

❧The light was shed on certain points even into the darkness, which helped me to take certain decisions more easily. An additional star lights my way, and I feel more a little more confident. Thank you for your kindness, your respect and our exchanges that werefull of an exceptionally high charge of emotion, which helped me to feel no longer alone.❧

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