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New Moon in Scorpion and Solar Eclipse 3 nov 12:47 GMT / 4:47am PST

This traduction is home made.
This New Moon is strong, a force that comes from meeting with our darkest depths …

In recent days, the energies of the scorpion work , asking us to look within ourselves with humility and sincerity, to cope with being that we are stripped of our titles, functions …
What do we see when we go to the inside? Instead we flee this face to face with ourselves in an endless outdoor activity?

Is a headache , stomach ache , flu is the way to remind us of ourselves. ?New Moon conjunct Saturn and the solar eclipse that accompanies an opportunity to slice, with energy patterns , relationships but also unnecessary toxic habits.During the solar eclipse , the moon blocks the sun’s light rays : a break with the Source that feeds us ..

The space of a minute , something is retained , the time is suspended , which can cause a symbolic break, a break in the course of things ……..This process of change can be even more powerful than it is given in the sign of Scorpio and trine to Chiron . Originally Scorpio was represented by a snake.The snake is a symbol of the power of regeneration, transformation and healing ( caduceus, Kundalini ..)The Scorpio energy must flow , be transformed and for that we are often asked to die to the old , to give skin to release the new , open to the unknown ..
More we resist change , the more external circumstances can become tense , frustrating …. echo of   this unanswered call in the inside …We resist  in the journey that we are asked to undertake is that of Persephone, the kore captured by the god of the underworld Hades, that then became the Queen of the Underworld, guide of souls between the world above and the world below ….She is the guardian of the mysteries of Eleusis …. mysteries of death and resurrection … mystery of Scorpio.

We are like pushed through changes as the fourth exact square Pluto / Uranus ( started in June 24, 2012 ) , this astrological aspect urges us to grow in awareness, we rise but by transforming our depths …. as if we could not ignore the descent in order to raise us …Venus in Sagittarius is reminding us that this process occurs within our heart, and that it is both horizontal in our relationships with others , but also vertical with our posture in the world : a bridge between heaven and earth.And Jupiter enters its retrograde period on Nov. 6, it brings us back to the land of our roots, to look at our attachments, our emotional needs. We can maybe feel we need to get into our inner cave to operate the alchemy of change and digest this whole processes ………..


For those of you who resonate with the myth of Persephone, do not hesitate to contact me to find out how this myth is part of your natal chart .I it
works the problems related to the attachment / detachment , loss, grief, mourning, death, and also  relationship mother / daughter , relationship with nutrition..

Photo credit: ” Demeter and Persephone ” by Susan Seddon Boulet

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala