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Mapping your Goddesses Energies through your Stars…

Spring special offer to celebrate the renewal of flowers

60 min Astro Alchemy Feminine Session


Astrology is a sacred tool to unlock your soul blueprint, but few of us are aware that the reading of your birth chart can also reveal how feminine energies are dancing into your inner sky.This session is an invitation to go deep in the hidden mysteries of feminine & intuitive astrology through connecting with your inner heroin.

We hear a lot about sacred Feminine as unity, but the faces of the Goddesses are multiple, rich , abundant (the amazon, the virgin, the wisdom warrior, the flame keeper, the priestess the crone, the oracle, the witch), we all have them inside of us, but some are more powerful and present into our life.

This is a process of unraveling and honoring the beauty of the multiple goddesses aspects.

Together we will weave the magic:

  • Understanding the key feminine energies more than the moon & venus
  • Connecting with the goddess signature in your birth chart
  • Exploring how to use and activate their calling in your daily life
  • Esoteric initiations: the key mysteries of your main goddesses
  • Sacred Marriage: Discovering the energies of your sacred inner masculine so you can embody and manifest your feminine into the world…


Practical information:

Reserve your spot now: (spaces are limited)


Investment: 80 euros

60 min recorded

Via skype or landline.


Until the 21 th of April. So act now, and discover the many mysteries of your goddess energies.

Reserve your spot now : Here 

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala