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Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio, 23rd of October 2014

A partial solar eclipse marks the moment in which the sun, the moon and the Earth are in alignment, and where we see the moon come in front of the sun, thus blocking the normal diffusion of solar energy..

The new moon that is produced is intense, it really marks the end of a cycle and the rebirth of something new in our lives.

In the sign of Scorpio conjoined with Venus, it brings us like Inanna to descend into the underworld so that we can symbolically release what is impeding us to find our own power.

This descent into the shadows is strong, asks for our courage, and it is impossible to pretend, impossible to hide the knots that inhabit our inner selves. It is sometimes within the intimacy of our relationships in the sign of Scorpio that we are forced to look at things, potential power games, our own zones of shadow: Are we really honest in what we ask and express to the other? Do we talk from a standpoint of love or do we sometimes let ourselves be dominated by fear by hiding and manipulating what we are really feeling?

Yes, going down to observe our emotions, what is hiding behind our symptoms, what is being said? Can we be born again to ourselves despite this eclipse by honouring our lunar needs, by respecting our emotions even if we sometimes find them ugly or inconvenient?

And we are helped by the Trigone of Neptune which reminds us that even in the darkness, there is light, that we are not alone even if this crossing of the darkness is sometimes done in solitude, we must not forget that we are connected to the universal consciousness, that there are others like us who are lost in the darkness, who are looking for their own light, and that we can be linked to them, by having compassion for ourselves and for all of human suffering…

But this new moon and eclipse do not only talk to us of the shadow – they also hold the strength of the Phoenix that comes back from its ashes, by inviting us to transmute our lead into gold to be reborn, to connect to our strength, to this noble interior force, often more humble after this crossing…

It is a journey to connect ourselves to our light, the beauty that resides within, which we discover sometimes in the mud or in places we expected the least…

A time of renewal and of transformation, daring to plant inside this moon one of the seeds of transformation to accompany us in this journey. 

One small detail: Mercury will become direct on the 25th of October, I don’t know if like me you are waiting for this with impatience, because even if this brings us to a time of inner focus, this is not something to resent, well at least not for me…

Yours sincerely.

Please don’t hesitate to share and comment on my article, I will be choosing at random from the comments to offer a theme reading linked to this new moon.

Caroline xx

caroline moye

Antigua Guatemala